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Customer Letters
Nice work, as always.  Susanne, Feb. 2020
Thanks for the alert.  BTW; you do great work! Love the skylight/ceiling work, looks wonderful. All of the other work too including; threshold, drip cap, door trimming and washers!
Couldn’t be happier.  Robin, Feb. 2020

Thanks for a job well done!  We enjoyed having your workers with us.  They are so considerate.  Many thanks to them all.  Joan, Sept. 2019
Thanks for the outstanding job.  Ginny and I were highly impressed, not only with the quality of the work itself, but also with the professionalism of your employees -- all of them were unfailing polite and considerate.   Needless to say, the next time we have a remodeling project, you’ll be the person we call.  Jeff, Aug. 2018
I just wanted to write to thank you for the beautiful job you and your team did on our handrails, inside and outside the house. We are so grateful to have them. We love how they look and how much safer they make the stairs and steps! Would you please be sure to tell Ricky and whomever else worked on the project how much we appreciate their excellent work? We're finding that we are using the handrails all the time -- even the one that goes across the landing on the staircase.  Gretchen, Aug. 2018
Thanks for a job well done!  It was a pleasure working with Rick and Marco.  They were very knowledgeable and helpful.  Abbey, Aug. 2018
Thank you.  The guys did a terrific job and we are very pleased with the result.  Temple, July, 2018
All of the work looks beautiful and your guys were professional as always. It was a pleasure working with you! Thank you so very much!!!!  Jaemee,  March 2018

...I want to thank you and your crew for putting in the  metal railing (and painting it 'grass green") which allows us and  our more and more ancient friends, and all others,  safe access to our house up the 30 steps from street to front door.  You and the crew did a wonderful, well-planned, and well-executed one- day job of solidly setting the posts, putting in the curved railing between the posts, securing rail to posts, and painting the resulting handsome hand railing.  Many, many thanks from both of us.   Suzanne, February 2018

Also, thank you very much for the work.  I was very impressed with the everyone on the crew – especially their timeliness, cleanliness, and thoroughness.  I had an opportunity to chat with a couple of the guys and they took the time to explain what they were doing, what things they found, and what the plan was going forward.  I appreciate them taking the time to answer my questions!  Leland, Dec. 2017

Let me also take this opportunity to thank you and your team for an excellent job well done.  I expected it to go on for the entire week and never imagined it could be accomplished in such a seamless fashion, with little disruption to my home.  Everyone did an excellent job.  Your guys put my living room back together again, and no one would know anything had been done to it. 

Thank you again for doing such a fine job.  I am just thrilled to have the water back in my kitchen.  It’s the best Christmas present I ever could have asked for.  Mimi, Dec. 2017

Just wanted to let you know that the new finished storage room is perfect!  I really do love it!  Everyone did a wonderful job. It's so pristine and clean now and I want it to stay that way so I'm a bit reluctant to start putting anything into the room!!  Mary, Nov. 2017
It looks really great...your crew was very professional.  Don, Sept. 2017

Robert,   The post and rail fence is perfect. Now I can almost trot down my driveway…  Mary-Carroll, Sept. 2017

They're the gold standard as far as I'm concerned when it comes to their quality of work. The installers are very competent, knowledgeable, and are responsive if a problem arises. They have reasonable prices and are great at keeping you in the loop.  Dean, August 2017

Work went great. Ed is terrific, thorough, professional, and patient.  Lainey, June 2017
Please know how much I appreciate the great, professional job done today on my very difficult shower problem.  The Gentlemen (sorry, I can't remember his name which he did give me) is such an competent, skilled person--a very impressive professional.  BTW, he was the same person who once fixed my shower door and it is still closing perfectly.
I will be waiting for your bill.  Thank you and thank him.  Mary Ellen, April 2017
Excellent. Very high quality work. Very clean every evening. Polite workers.  David, April 2017
I am so pleased with the way everything turned out.  Your guys do a great job.  They are also very friendly and helpful.  Mrs. L, August 2016

I wish to thank you and Ed for a job well done.  I will try to place a favorable review on Angie's List, if I can.  Thank you again.   Robert, January 2016

Very pleased with your work.  On time, finished promptly, cleaned up, everything looks right.  Liked your crew too - friendly and efficient.  Plan to use you again and will recommend you to anyone who needs a contractor.   Dan, October 2015

The job looks very, very good.  I think the cleaner flashing and matching cap along with the new mortar improves the look of the home; that's on top of assuming a stopped leak.  I could have tried some cheaper options on this and maybe they would have worked, but I feel with water/structural issues, that I would rather fix it right the first time.  From what I saw, you and your crew did a very thorough job.  Your guys were timely, professional and basically ghosts (in a very good way).  The cleanup, especially for the interior work, was impressive.  You kept to schedule and there were no surprises. I'd like to also compliment your painter for an incredible job on the ceiling.  You can not tell there was an issue there.  Dan, March 2015
Great…they look awesome and your staff are very professional prompt clean and courteous. Thanks so much for a great job!
Don’t think of retiring any time soon…I have 2 more projects left!!  Maria, December 2014

Again, my thanks to you, Ed and the rest of the Fina crew for such a fine job, handled with your usual professionalism.  It was a pleasure to work with such a great team.  Jane, December 2014.
Thank you so much for the fine job you did on my bathroom.  I am so pleased with the work.  Let's do another project soon.  Larriette, March 2014.
Thank you again for doing such a great job for me.  As always, your crew was so pleasant and professional to work with -- am so pleased with the result.  Jane, March 2014.
As usual, we are delighted with the results, and enjoy working with your crew.  Mary Lou, September 2013
If you want it done right, at a fair price, and in a timely manner by people you can trust, call Robert Fina. BTW: I'll never forget the time his people stopped work to look for my lost elder dog many years ago. And the lost was found. Kathy, September 2013.  Posted on Hollin Hills Open Forum.
We too have had Robert Fina and his team come to our rescue when sudden problems have cropped up in this old house of ours.  They have been extremely quick to respond, they all are super nice and do a super job of putting things right!  We use Robert & Co. for big jobs too - bath remodel, kitchen remodel, exterior rot replacement, gas stove installation, and more - but you get the idea - and they have always done excellent work!  Like knowing your farmer at the farmer's market, it is great to buy local, especially when they do such great work and are so responsive!  Scott, September 2013.  Posted on Hollin Hills Open Forum.
I want to give add our commendation for Robert Fina's work and willingness to drop everything to help us out in an emergency. Last May we woke up one morning to a partially flooded first floor.  Water was bubbling up from the shower stall, basement drain, and toilet.  We called Robert and he was over within the hour with a snake cum camera which he used to try to clear the pipe while finding the source of the problem. Our sewer back-up was the result of tree roots infiltrating the pipes. Robert and his team immediately started to work and within the week had dug a trench stretching from the top of our driveway to the street, replaced the pipe and put everything (grass, garden and asphalt) back to the condition it had been in before he started.  I can't begin to tell you how fortunate we were to have this horrible situation remedied quickly and expertly.  This is not the first time Robert has helped us in an emergency situation. He was a huge help in resolving another water intrusion issue a couple years ago and we have come to rely on him for many of our home repair and maintenance needs.  We are indeed fortunate to have Fina Construction in our community.  Kathy, September 2013.  Posted on Hollin Hills Open Forum.
Robert, I cannot thank you and Ed and Ricky (and today Serafin) enough for the mitigation and resolution of my plumbing emergency.  I wanted you to know how grateful I am and how professionally and thoroughly Ed and Ricky handled what could have been really bad here. The potential damage to my house, the financial and emotional cost would, I am sure, have been high w/o your company's help. Instead, I have a new hot water heater, a cleaned up basement and laundry room, and my furniture and wood floor in my family room are untouched.
You have an unbeatable team of professionals who not only do their utmost best but also do it with care and kindness. Of course, I know you set the example, as you helped David and me through first the early stages and then a long, protracted and difficult rebuilding after our house on Stafford was hit by a tree back in 2011. Thank you!  Lainey, September 2013.  Posted on Hollin Hills Open Forum.
We are so happy with the work in the kitchen and so impressed with all the members of your team.  We look forward to working with Fina on future projects in the home!  Ainsley, 2013.
We were new to the Alexandria, VA area, but needed a few things done to our newly purchased home. After consulting with a few neighbors and reading reviews on Angie's list, we selected Fina Construction for the job. Robert Fina came out to our house and helped us think through the details of the projects. Within a day or so, he sent us an estimate for the work. It was more than a month before we could begin the work (we needed approval from our local review committee), but as soon as we were ready to go, they gave us a start date. Over the course of six or seven days, we watched as Fina’s craftsmen did their meticulous work. Their competency and attention to detail is among the best we’ve seen (and we’ve seen a lot of contractor’s work). They cleaned up everyday after their work was done, and ensured that our house was completely functional during the construction work. And all of Fina’s workers were courteous, polite, and respectful.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again and would heartily recommend them for all types of building, remodeling, and other contracting work.  Michael, April 2013.  Posted on Angie's List.
The work was done as per the contract on time and I got my kitchen back after all construction materials was removed.  The floors and cabinets were swept clean.  I have used Fina Construction in times past and have always been completely satisfied with the timeliness and quality of their work.  They are not cheap, but as m;y neighbors confirm, they stand behind their work.  I trust their people inside my home.  The work was done as specified in the contract.  Their people were at work continuously without interruption.  They consulted me on details not specified and were very cooperative.  Fina provided me photos of the finished drain replacements.  Which replacements I inspected separately.  Jim, April 2013.  Posted on Angie's List.
Installed stairway handrail, installed shower grab bars, repaired leaking tub/shower, repaired water damaged ceiling, replaced damaged exterior door lockset, recaulked tub shower walls.  Very smooth. The Fina Co. crew quietly, quickly, and cleanly completed all of the work mentioned above. Consummate professionals, the work is completed on time and as expected.  Robin, January 2013.  Posted on Angie's List.
Fina employees were on time and completed work that three other companies could not do. They arrived, completed work and left not even a nail to clean up. Very personable, professional and with the estimate.  Rae, January 2013.  Posted on Angie's List.
Thank you for the wonderful job - my house is much warmer with the new windows.  Your crew is friendly, polite, efficient, and very neat -- traits I appreciate very much.  Shelley,  January 2013.
Fina's people are meticulous in their work and clean up. Robert Fina oversees all work which is always more than satisfactory.  Hana, December 2012.  Posted on Angie's List.
Prompt, professional, clean, friendly, answered all questions, fair price, excellent quality.  The best.  Jeffrey and Maria, December 2012.  Posted on Angie's List.
Thanks so much. The door looks great. Your team did a wonderful job and I must commend them for their promptness and friendliness. Also there was not hardly a speck of dirt!!  Maria, December 2012.
Fina and his small crew were models of efficiency. Requested parking space for truck and use of garage for workshop. Arrived early and worked steadily. Gave us schedule of payments we were expected to comply with. Job finished on time. Excellent workmanship.  Paul, December 2012.  Posted on Angie's List.
Fina Construction has helped us with two separate projects, one they just finished on the roof, and an earlier repair to a plumbing issue under our house.  In both cases they were prompt, friendly, professional, fast and knowledgeable.  Really a great crew and a pleasure to have around.  And the do fantastic work!  Terrific pride in their work - the work site is always clean and tidy, and the finished work is done 100% - no loose ends.  One of the jobs was to find and fix a leaking drain pipe under the middle of our house, which was really tough because our house is on a concrete slab, and the leak was beneath a wall shared by the bath and the kitchen.  The Fina crew were incredibly surgical in their approach and did the repair with a surprisingly light impact on the rest of our house.  I swear that just about any other contractor would have cost me double for the damage they would have done trying to fix the problem.  Highly recommended!  Matthew, December 2012.  Posted on Angie's List.
Complete repair of break in clerestory bedroom wall.  Painting, installing new so upper box, clearing debris & testing of underground drain pipe.  I had the same prompt and excellent service I have had from many previous jobs with Fina.  His workmen are polite & efficient.  Frances, December 2012.   Posted on Angie's List.
Repaired storm damage from tree falling on house, new roof, vents, soffit plus repaired sheet rock and recessed lights and repaint.  Fina responded very promptly, negotiated with our insurance company, performed the work very quickly and well, and thoroughly cleaned up.  Mike, December 2012.  Posted on Angie's List.
Repaired leak around chimney, replaced decayed chimney bricks, repainted top of chimney. Also, patched damaged ceiling in bathroom & is painted.
Very well. Work was of high quality, everything was left neat & clean.  Susan, December 2012.  Posted on Angie's List.
Remodel kitchen, living room/dining area, install hardwood floors through house, replace all windows in house, skylights.
Great experience. Robert coordinated w/architect. Gave time and $ estimate. Met time and $ budgets. Very professional w/ great crew.  Peter, December 2012.  Posted on Angie's List.
Prices not cheap, but worth every nickel. Totally reliable and conscientious. skilled, experience, stable long-term employees. Owner will not sacrifice their reputation to bargain prices, nor will he agree to build something not qualitatively advisable. Personable, professional staff. I wouldn't use anyone else.  Anne, November 2012.  Posted on Angie's List.
Fina Construction has done much remodeling for us.  The latest project was the addition of a deck to the front of the house, which included a new entrance to our home.  The project also included a koi pond and landscaping of the front yard.  The project went very well, with workers courteous and arriving on time and construction areas cleaned up at the end of each day. Robert Fina has an eye for detail and will do the job right.  I highly recommend Fina Construction.  Rebecca, November 2012.  Posted on Angie's List.
Fina provides accurate estimates, performs work on time  and in full. At perfect quality, Fina is not cheap, but provides excellent work!!  Armando, November, 2012.  Posted on Angie's List.
Provided prompt estimate, work started & completed on time, workers courteous & competent, foreman frequently on site, call back on gutter slope was prompt, good clean up - professional from start to finish.  Dean, November 2012.  Posted on Angie's List.
Both jobs were well done, on time and as promised.  Jo Ann, November 2012.  Posted on Angie's List.
Master bath remodel including new tiled shower, vanity, toilet, lighting, floor tile, and paint. Remodel of the remainder of the house 4 years earlier including new roof, ceilings, windows, kitchen, bath, and hardwood flooring throughout.
All work was excellent and completed on schedule and within budget. Contractor and his employees were easy to work with and exceptionally neat and tidy. Contractor is extremely knowledgeable regarding design and construction of houses in this neighborhood and therefore readily able to fix problems and make recommendations to prevent future problems.  Nancy, November 2012.  Posted on Angie's List.
We have used Fina Construction for many jobs, after learning the hard way that quality trumps price.  They rebuilt our kitchen 3 years ago, rebuilt our fireplace and replaced windows last year, and are currently doing major landscape redesign for us.
Robert Fina provides good advice, accurate estimates, and his workers are skilled and a delight to have in and around our home.  Many of Fina's employees have been with the company for years.  This is a group you can feel good about doing business with.  Barbara, November 2012.  Posted on Angie's List.
We had purchased a house that had been poorly renovated by previous owners.  Fina Construction did an excellent job of coming in fixing and utilizing the existing cabinets and other components.  They upgraded the electrical and plumbing.   They worked closely with the countertop people to ensure the countertops were right design and perfectly installed.  The project was well done, timely, and within our budget. During this renovation, they ensured that we had the ability to use our kitchen during construction. Their workers are professional and very careful in protecting other areas or personal belonging.  They also worked with us to make sure that our cats would not be able to access the area during construction.  Jane, November 2012.  Posted on Angie's List.
Fina repaired a gaping hole in the roof caused by a falling tree branch.  Fina responded within 24 hours to my request for an estimate.  Less than 72 hours later
the job was completed and the damaged portion of the roof looked like new.  I've used Fina Construction now for jobs as small as this and as large as repairing major damage caused by a hurricane.  In each case, the company has been responsive and delivered precisely what I contracted for.  His staff is totally professional, do great work, and leave the place as neat as can be.  I've heard people say Fina is expensive.  He's certainly not dirt cheap, but that has not been my experience overall -- and I believe I've gotten what I've paid for, with no disputes or arguments or any other sort of negative result.  What more can you ask for?  Larry, November 2012.  Posted on Angie's List.

When we purchased our house in March 2012, we knew we had a lot of work in store for us. The entire back wall of the first floor needed to be replaced, with all new windows and other updates. We also wanted to remodel the kitchen, move walls, and create an entirely new first floor living space. Robert Fina of Fina Construction and his fantastic crew took on the job, and we have been thrilled with the results. I have worked with dozens of general contractors through my own job, and I can easily say that Fina Construction ranks among the very best. From the custom carpentry around the windows, to the masonry work, to the drywall (which a neighbor admired as some of the best he's seen done) and all the details in between, everything turned out as we expected, if not better. The woodwork in particular was just perfect. We wanted the details of our mid-century modern windows replicated exactly. Robert and his crew understand what true craftsmanship means (a rare attribute) and the window walls turned out beautifully. Best of all, was the great crew, and Robert's calm and easy demeanor with the entire project. From change orders on the job, to the inevitable unexpected discoveries in the wall, everything was handled professionally and without a fuss. We would highly recommend Fina Construction for any job, large or small, without any reservations.  Rebeccah, November 2012

Contractor surveyed the work site before offering an estimate.  Once work was scheduled we arranged a convenient time and work began promptly.  The workmen were quiet, courteous and cleaned each area of debris and dust at the end of each day.  The project was done with efficient use of time, and the outcome was optimal.  We are extremely pleased, and whenever possible will use Fina Construction for future projects.  Addison, November 2012.  Posted on Angie’s List.

I have used them for several years and they are very good.  Everything from large remodel projects to smaller handyman type jobs.  They have very little turnover of employees so they are always reliable and trustworthy.  They are very meticulous in their work.  We have always been very happy with them.  Brenda, November 2012.  Posted on Angie’s List.

Replaced 60 year old whole house fan. Did an outstanding job.  Everything was done on time and within budget. Workers were very professional and cleaned up after themselves.  Richard, November 2012.  Posted on Angie’s List.

You once again did a miracle in a week.  Thank you and your employees for the wonderful, meticulous job that they did.  We are feeling fresh and new for the new school year.  The soffits were really beginning to worry me and it is a great relief to have them replaced along with the new gutters. Pam Sept 2012

This particular project is just one of many Fina has performed for us.  In fact, we have used Fina Construction for projects large and small since the founding of the company.  They have always been very, very responsive.  Robert Fina quickly provides a detailed estimate, then a contract.  All work has been performed on time and within budget.  Charlie, April 2012.  Posted on Angie’s List

Many thanks for a really well done job.  Solveig, April 2012

As always, each and every one of your men are just great … highly skilled and personable.  I’m really happy with the living room and the outside work too.

Thanks much.   Anne, March 2012

A belated thank you for solving our water intrusion aka flooding problem.  Living at the bottom of the hill, we have been fighting this problem for many years -- and losing the battle!  We didn't want to write this note until we'd had a couple of heavy rains and could see how the fixes worked.  We're delighted to say the work you did (French drains, landscape grading, gutter replacements, etc.) has solved the problem!!  For the first time in years we don't have to hold our breath and prepare for the worst (flooding) when heavy rains come. Our house is dry and the rain water is safely diverted to the road. Thank you taking this job on such short notice, figuring out what needed to be done, and for your usual high quality work. A special thanks to the crew.  They are neat, helpful and highly professional.  Kathy & Ian, January 2012
Robert Fina and his company finished excavating my basement and installed a cement floor along with repairing some of the masonry wall.  The workers are exceptionally clean, on time, professional and very hard working.  The work site was left spotless.  The contract was clear.  Perhaps the best part of this experience is that I know everything was performed correctly and I do not have to worry about the work that was done.  I highly recommend Fina Construction for any job you do not want to take a chance on. Do it once and do it right.  I contacted Robert, he came to my house, took measurements, sent me an estimate, then a contract.  The work began exactly as promised and finished within a week.  Everything was always clean, safe and professional. When the work was done, we did a walk through and I am very satisfied.  Lori, November 2011.  Posted on Angie’s List.
Thank you so much for helping us with our home’s rotted wood, repairing our gutters and other places.  The front bay window looks great!  We appreciate the quality and speed of your crew’s work.  Linda, August 2011
Your guys did a wonderful job...they were professional, pleasant, polite, and cleaned up so well, you’d never know they had been here.  Wonderful work all around.  We are very pleased.  Pam, August 2011
Thank you -- and please thank all the crews who did such a beautiful job on the house.  Not only do I sleep better knowing there are fewer surprises from above, but I also enjoyed meeting and talking with the professional craftsmen I have always anticipated from your firm.  I look forward to the next non-emergency-project.  Michael, April  2011
What an outstanding job!  The deck is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  It makes the entire project come together.  Connie, March 2011
Your crew was very professional, thorough and friendly.  I appreciate that and will call on you again.  Doris, February 2011.
Thank you for the most excellent work.  Duane, February 2011.
We greatly appreciate the quality of workmanship and the professionalism of all who participated in the beam replacement.  Martha, November 2010. 
We have a 60 year old Hollin Hills home, and this is Fina's speciality -- they are very knowledgeable about the quirks in the fireplaces. We did a price comparison and they were competitive. They came out promptly for the estimate. We made an appointment and they were quite punctual. The did very good professional service and didn't take all day. I would definitely recommend Fina.  Arica July 2010
Your workmen did a great job, they were friendly, and they cleaned up after.  You can't tell that there was any work done at our house, except, of course, for the new siding that looks great.  Judd, April 2010.

Robert, I am delighted with the gorgeous, high quality work your guys did. I very much appreciated Ed's and the guys' accommodating my last minute request to quit early on the first night of Passover (Mon., March 29) for our seder dinner. They left everything clean and in good order, so I was able to have friends and family, including children, w/o worrying about wet paint, etc. I know this affected their work schedule, too. I love the doors; the look is exactly what I was looking for. The fit is just perfect, and you were right about the 5th shelf being useful. All the new doors and the re-constructed closets are beautiful and fit nicely into the simple look that I want. The work is outstanding. It is a pleasure to work with you and your men.  Thanks so much for another great job!  Lainey, April 2010.

When a 125-year-old oak tree fell on our house on Stafford Rd in May of 2008, I did not hesitate for a minute in choosing Robert Fina of Fina Construction to rebuild our house. Fairfax County required us to remove all electrical and mechanical systems, bathroom fixtures, etc., so that a structural engineer could certify the integrity of the structure. Robert effectively rebuilt our house. Robert knows Hollin Hills houses and has vast experience with our houses. I cannot overstate my respect for and faith in Robert as a general contractor who would be able to assist you in your project.  Lainey, reply to  Hollin Hills Open Forum, March 2010.
I, too, can not say enough about Robert Fina as a general contractor. Our home was destroyed 15 months ago. Two pipes burst in our bedroom ceiling and water ran unchecked for many hours over a weekend when we were out of town. The ceiling collapsed, insulation everywhere, walls were ruined, and the hardwood floors throughout the house were destroyed.
Robert worked with us and our insurance company to make sure everything that should be covered was covered. This was obviously an emotional experience for us - someone else packed up our house, we couldn't live in our home for 6 months and all we had was what we'd taken with us for the weekend. Robert's dry sense of humor, his expert advice and "can do" attitude, and his incredibly talented team made a bad situation seem more like an inconvenience than the disaster it was. We took advantage of this unexpected "opportunity" and moved closets and windows, put in ceramic flooring, created a new bathroom and completely redid the kitchen. Robert's insights on what would work best - everything from placement of lighting, switches, electrical plates, tile layout, closet spacing, window placement to type of tile, quality of materials, bathroom design - was thoughtful, responsive to our needs and tastes, and sensitive to Goodman's design. He is efficient, available to respond to all of our questions and concerns by email, phone and in person and amazingly good humored at all times even when I changed my mind a few times...:-) We didn't change our footprint but we moved a sliding door, changed a window and created a new one. Robert shepherded all these changes through the design review process - priceless.

The men who worked on our house were not nameless, faceless contractors. They became friends. They were 100% trustworthy, left everything cleaned up at the end of the day, were sensitive to our need for privacy when work was being done after we moved back into the house, laughed at our jokes, responded to my "microscopic attention to details" questions but, most of all, their workmanship was exceptional.

If I hadn't already known of Robert's work ethic and honesty from our joint stints on the civic association board and his reputation from others who have employed his company over the past many years, I might have looked around for another contractor and found one less expensive. What I knew was that there were other Hollin Hillers who had both good and very bad experiences with unknown contractors and the bad experiences were very, very bad. I wanted someone I could trust and someone who cares about working in our neighborhood (not for one project but for a career). I wholeheartedly recommend Robert Fina. 
Judy, posted to the Hollin Hills Open Forum, March 2010. 
Many thanks to you for the beautiful job.  Mrs. G.  January 2010.
I want to comment on the quality of the men you assigned to this garage project. They were tireless workers who arrived at 7:30, put in a full days' worth of labor, cleaned up at the close of business and were on their way. They were hard workers who knew their trade, very polite, and were exceptional men. The quality of their work from beginning to end suggested to me that they were truly professional . The on-site foreman -worker-was outstanding in all respects.   Many thanks!  Chuck  December 2009
Thanks for solving so many problems for us.  Mr. and Mrs. L.  November 2009
As usual we are very pleased with your employees and their work.  We are looking forward to completing the work next week.  Mr. and Mrs. L.  October 2009
I want to again recommend Fina Construction.  I called Robert this morning about a small problem.  He had a man here within an hour who quickly and efficiently took care of it and then suggested and provided a further step to prevent any recurrence of the trouble.  Outstanding work.   Stan, published in Hollin Hills Open Forum, August 2009
Our windows are beautiful—really spectacular.  Working with you and your crew has been a pleasure.  Thank you.  Jodie, April, 2009
Fina Construction did an excellent job on a major remodeling project for me (roof, ceiling, wall and window replacement; kitchen and bathroom renovation; hardwood floor installation).  Thanks to Fina's expertise with HH houses, attention to detail, and professionalism, the project was hassle free and completed on schedule.  Robert's crew including Ed, Rodolfo and Ricky were easy to work with and very helpful.  Nancy, published in Hollin Hills Bulletin, December 2008
Thank you once again for taking care of our needs.  But most of all thanks for caring.  Mrs. L.  November 2008
Thanks very much for a very nice job and an excellent team of workers.  Mike, 2008
Many thanks for your incredible response, service and professionalism in dealing with a little problem.  We are now loyal and committed clients!!  Michael and Jessie, 2008
You've got a great team.  Thanks for taking on my bath house renovation.  Horacio and Ricky had a lot of decisions to make and every one of them was a good decision!  If you need another witness to the excellence of your work, count me in.  Bob, October 2007
Thanks.  As always, a first class job.  Mother loves it.  It is sturdy, functional and decorative.  Good job.   Anita, 2007
We want to share with other Hollin Hillers our total satisfaction with the results of our bathroom remodeling effort.  Robert Fina and his crew of outstanding workers were terrific.  Ricky, the foreman, and the other crew members were efficient, effective, creative, thorough, and enjoyable to interact with on a daily basis.  Our new bathroom is beautiful.  We even had a cul-de-sac party to commemorate its completion along with just generally celebrating wonderful neighbors.  If you want a closer look, Robert put pictures on his website; or if you want to take a real look or talk more with us about what we did, please call us.  Al, published in Hollin Hills Bulletin, February 2007
Fina Construction did an excellent job of renovating our bathroom recently.  Schedules were met, prices reasonable, and the result well worth the investment.  Particular praise to Fina worker Rodolfo, who managed to remove and replace everything except the bathtub, build a new skylight and paint the whole thing without tracking dust or dirt throughout the house.  Bill, published in Hollin Hills Bulletin, December 2006
Beautiful job!  Your guys are consummate pros and a daily delight to deal with!  You might want to come take a look when you get a chance.  Rocky, February 2006
We purchased our house in December 2004 and agreed that one of the first upgrades would be to change the single pane windows to insulated glass.  Our main concern was to ensure that replacement windows would not change the character and proportions of the original architecture.  In May, we contacted Fina Construction for a proposal.  Robert was very diligent in listening to our  concerns and offering suggestions.  After several rounds of discussion we signed the contract for the work, which was completed in August.  For those who are considering window replacement, we highly recommend Fina Construction.  Their experience in working on Hollin HIlls houses for many years has obviously given them a true understanding and appreciation of neighborhood architecture.  They have done a great job on our house.  Stephen, published in Hollin Hills Bulletin, October 2005
Again, thanks for a most professional job performed by competent and pleasant individuals.  Sandy, October 2005
Thank you for a terrific job on our house.  We love the renovation, particularly our new kitchen!  Barbara, October 2005
Thanks for a job well done.  Please feel free to use us as a reference any time.  Warm regards.  Diane, May 2005
Thank you for the excellent work.  We will enjoy our basement and sing your praises to anyone doing any re-modeling.  Richard, February 2005
Thanks very much for all your help in ’04.  The house is back in order and the new showers upstairs look great.  We’ve had so many compliments on the tile work.  Nancy, January 2005
Robert Fina and his crew redid one of our bathrooms over the summer, a job that included more than just replacing fixtures and tiles.  The quality of the work could not have been better and we are most pleased with the attention to detail and the result.  Highly recommended!  Brenda, published in Hollin Hills Bulletin, November 2004
Excellent work -- great crew!  Many Thanks.  Royer, 2004
Robert Fina recently installed thermopane windows throughout our house along with a new patio door.  He did a thoroughly professional job from quality of workmanship to patiently answering our questions.  We experienced little to no disruption and 95% of the job was completed in five work days.  Merry and Dean, Published in the Hollin Hills Bulletin, 2004.
Good work!  You have an excellent crew.  They know what they’re doing, and do it well.  Ray, September 2004
Thank you for your great work.  We are very impressed with the finished product and even more impressed with how you handle the “work in progress” phase.  We look forward to contracting with you again.  Richard, February 2004
We like your work very much.  And we found the man who did it to be both skillful and personable.  Stan, January 2004
Many thanks for the beautiful railing!  Your crew was professional and prompt.  Neighbors have complimented the railing.  Again thanks for the quick response.  Pamela
Thanks Robert.  Your guys have done great work.  Frank, 2004
Excellent work – great crew!  Many thanks.  Roger, 2004
Add me to the list of Fina fans.  Within hours after Isabel dropped a monster beech tree on our house, they had boarded up the broken windows and protected the roof.  NO water damage.  The final reconstruction took a bit longer, but the results were A-One.  Jim, Published in the Hollin Hills Bulletin, September, 2003.
Yes, everybody has heard of him and he has been in the Bulletin before, but it's worth mentioning again.  His crew gave us a newly fashioned library, a built-in computer station, and a brand new deck, all of which are spectacular.  They are easy to deal with, do great work, and clean up after themselves.  Devon.  Published in the Hollin Hills Bulletin June, 2003.
Just a note to say again how much Tessa and I appreciate your building us a 'new' home.  We continue to marvel at the careful, precise, and excellent craftsmanship throughout.  Now will we forget your accessibility and helpfulness with many decisions and your responsiveness to glitches (very few).  Dan, May 2003.
We enjoyed Christmas meals in our new dining room.  You certainly did a wonderful job in building this room for us -- we love it!  Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did.  Marie
Fina Construction has done two jobs for me and it is a pleasure to do business with them.  1.  They come when they say they will or call if delayed.  2.  Their paperwork is handled promptly and in a businesslike fashion.  3.  Their crews are well supervised and coordinated.  4.  Their employees are conscientious, careful and clean up after themselves well.  5.  They do a good job!  Judy, Published in the Hollin Hills Bulletin, July/August 2002.
Thank you for the very neat job.  We have appreciated the work of each of your staff:  Ed, Horacio and Rodolfo, Lynn and Oscar, and John.  We also appreciated Ed coming out Friday afternoon and repairing the seal in the master bathroom.  All the work was done in a competent and timely manner.  The premises were kept clean every afternoon – it was a pleasure to have your staff around.  Koos, June 2002
Have you noticed the attractive new railing for the little bridge from Rippon Road into McCalley Park?  It was constructed and donated to the park by Robert Fina, who seems to have inherited the mantle of Mac McCalley in building additions to and fixing up our Hollin HIlls houses.  We are most appreciative for this contribution to the safety of people using the bridge.  Sandy.  Published in the Hollin Hills Bulletin, April 2002.
Your crews did a super job.  We are very pleased.  Mr. & Mrs. L, April 2001
It's such a relief to have my studio finished - I just wanted to thank you and your crew for everything.  In particular for the care that was taken to protect everything and minimize the dust, for their promptness in completing the job, and for cleaning up when it was finished.  Everyone was pleasant and considerate.  Thanks again and happy holidays.  Marcy, December 2000
I want to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for a job well done.  The project design, the materials used, and the craftsmanship of the work completed is exactly the superior level of construction repair that I was anticipating....Your on-site crew, Danny and Fernando, did a very professional job.  The high level of carpentry skills and their attention to the smallest details is readily apparent in the finished product.  They were both very professional and also very pleasant during the time they were in our home.  Your company did an excellent job for us and we again just wanted to express our appreciation.  Please feel free to use us as a very satisfied customer reference.  Gilbert, June 2000
Thanks!  We do love the addition – now that things have calmed down some I hope to enjoy it!  Toddy, 2000
We were super-satisfied with your work and especially meeting our deadline.  I’ll recommend you highly to anyone who asks about a good contractor.  Paul and Flora  December, 2000
I’m delighted with the porch.  You guys do a great job!  Bill, July 2000
Anyone rounding the corner of Martha's and Martha's is quite likely to encounter a Fina Construction sign.  We call Robert for every household job; remodeling, repairing, or restoring.  He and his crew have expertly solved any problem that we have confronted them with, from building us a dining room to constructing a curved bench for the rounded deck they built under the oak tree.  We appreciate quality workmanship and by using Fina Construction, with their high level of professionalism, we are assured of this quality.  Marie and David, and Blanche.  Published in the Hollin Hills Bulletin May 1997
Rob Fina fixed up our new house to live in, prepared our old house to rent, and repaired commercial property for us, all on a tight schedule and on short notice.  The work was of craftsman quality and he runs a very professional business.  Recommend without reservation for any construction project.  Cliff, Published in the Hollin Hills Bulletin May 1997
We recently had thermopane windows installed by Fina Construction.  At my request, Robert Fina had the new molding around the window milled to look like the original molding for the single pane windows.  He quite accurately reproduced the original molding, and I believe it preserves the look of the original Hollin Hills windows very well, both as they look from the outside and from inside the house as well.  He has done an excellent job and I recommend that anyone interested in installing thermopane and preserving the "Hollin Hills look" talk to Robert.  Doris, Published in the Hollin Hills Bulletin April 1997
Thank you for a job well done.  If you need to “show and tell” or have a few good words on your work, let me know.  Thanks again.  Leon, May 1992
Additional references available upon request.
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